Things To Do


Thursday, November 18, 5-7pm - Come hear about some of the fascinating geology of the Homestake Mine from a scientist working with Thyssen Mining Company! Free! Beer, and refreshments will be served.

Questions? Call us! (605)584-3110


Image teases the exhibits at the visitor center. The mine model exhibit is backlit by a window exposing the OpenCut.

Free Exhibits

We invite you to visit our exhibit hall, where you’ll find exciting information about Sanford Underground Research Facility,  the city of Lead, and the history of Homestake.

Our exhibits include historic photographs, videos, science and mining artifacts, and a 3-D model of the underground—from the surface down to the 8,000-foot level!

**No Underground Access or Tours**

From our deck, view the 1,250-foot-deep Open Cut, an iconic landmark in the Black Hills, and see the many varieties of rock that created this unique landscape. Admission is free.