Nuggets to Neutrinos: The Homestake Story


This fabulous book is authored by Steven T. Mitchell. “Very few mines in the world ever produced gold continuously for more than one hundred years. The Homestake Mine was one that did, producing 40 million ounces of gold from 1876 through 2001, when the quest for the yellow metal was brought to an end for good. Over the next few years after the mine was shut down, tens of thousands of ounces in additional gold were recovered as mine facilities were systematically decommissioned, and the mill site was reclaimed and converted to an open-air museum. For more than 125 years, the Homestake Mine helped support the livelihoods of countless numbers of people who were directly or indirectly affiliated with the mine. Sadly, some of these people lost their lives or were physically impaired while working at the mine or in support of the mine. Fortunately, a lasting legacy evolved from the dedication, loyalty, and perseverance of each of these people and every other person who was ever associated with the mine. This living legacy continues to evolve with the transformation of the mine into a deep underground science and engineering laboratory”(p.33).

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