Homestake Gold Mine Last Flake Gold


Own a piece of history by purchasing this authentic flake gold from the Homestake South Mill in Lead, SD. It is 839.01 Fine Gold and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the General Manager Closure Homestake Mine. “Decommissioning of the South Mill was a part of the closure project completed during 2002. During this activity, flakes of gold were found trapped in the bottom of a 200 foot long concrete ditch “launder” which was used to transfer the ore slurry within the mill. Only 67 ounces of this flake gold were found. We believe the gold flakes have been trapped in crevices of the ditch since as early as the 1920s. These pieces of flake gold began as nuggets in gold-bearing ore from the Homestake Mine. As the gold nuggets passed through the stamps at the South Mill, they were flattened into the form you see on your memento. They became lodged in crevices and remained in the launder until they were rediscovered and removed during mill decommissioning.”- -from the Certificate (which accompanies every gold piece).

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